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UCF posted an article on what would have been UCF Day of Giving related to emergency support for students, faculty and staff experiencing hardships due to COVID-19. Here is some additional information for you:


  • The student emergency fund is the original fund (the one we highlight student student philanthropy campaigns) and has been around since 2015.

  • A new fund created right before the COVID-19 outbreak is the Student Housing Insecurity fund to address housing insecurity and homelessness amongst UCF students.


These funds are operated by Student Care Services and are available to students facing distressing situations academically or personally. Any student facing significant hardship can email caremanager@ucf.edu to learn what resources are available to them. They are funded by philanthropic support to UCF. Please share this information with any student you believe may benefit from the information.


Did you know that you can also file a care report if you are concerned about a fellow knight? If you are concerned about the well-being of another student, you can submit a care report and UCF Cares will reach out to them to see how they are doing. You can learn more about care reports here:https://cares.sdes.ucf.edu/report/