Scholar Holler 

September 13th- September 17th

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Hello, LEAD Scholars!

We are now moving into the fourth week of classes and this week is filled with fun events for all LEAD Scholars to enjoy. On Monday we have three LEAD events, from learning about self-care to squaring off against your peers and directors in Family Feud, there is plenty to do. There will be two book clubs this week, as well as the long awaited return of Sunsets at Libra will be happening this Wednesday!

On top of all of these fun LEAD events, be sure to also go and get your impact credit. There are film festivals, mock interviews, and guest artists throughout this week, so be sure to go and get involved on campus. 

Whenever you're up for it, stop by the LEAD lounge to hangout with friends or study. If you are curious about more events coming up, check the LEAD portal, the big white board in the lounge, or our Instagram which is linked above.

Have a great week!

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