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Hey LEAD Scholars!

Hope everyone is having a good week and is staying safe and healthy. As you all know, UCF will continue operating online for the remainder of the 2020 Spring semester.

















Post Spring Break- Frequently Asked Questions for LEAD


  •  Is the LEAD lounge open? The LEAD staff will be available by phone and email. However, the university is strongly recommending for all students to stay at your permanent home address during this time.

  • What do I do about my LDR class? Please keep an eye out for an announcement from your faculty member on how to proceed with your LDR class.

  • Can I still do LEAD or Impact events during this time? Yes-the LEAD staff will be working on virtual Impact and LEAD events. These are now viewable on the Google event calendar on the portal after logging in, keep looking as more will be added throughout this virtual class time. Directions for attendance credit will be on each one in the notes area. We will offer several LEAD and Impact options of each for you to complete during this time including Ted Talk reflections, Kahoot games, Snacks with Stacey-virtual, etc. You will either submit a screenshot of completion for an impact event or will sign in virtually for these live online events to receive credit on the portal if it is a synchronous event via Google hangout. Since we are offering several options the deadline for impacts and LEAD credit will still be April 24. 

  • What about my interview for LSA, LEB, Peer Mentor or REEL Counselor? LSA and LEB will be in touch with you for individual interview times-please note that these may be rescheduled, cancelled or done virtually based on the student leader’s preference. As for REEL and Peer Mentor-since these are group interviews they will be postponed or perhaps moved virtually-stay tuned for details!

  • I need to get my service form signed by the end of the 30 day deadline and I left my service hour forms at UCF-what do I do? You may download the service form here: https://lsa.sdes.ucf.edu/wp-content/uploads/sites/9/2020/01/Service-Form-II.pdf

We have suspended the 30 day service form deadline from the initial day of service as students may not be able to serve at their usual location or do not have their past service form with this during March. To assist students who are not able to serve in their regular capacity due to agency closure, sickness or other impediments the new service deadline for LEAD involvement requirements (not your class grade requirement) will be May 8 (this may change if the online course requirement is extended for all classes)-please note that this date will be later than your faculty member’s deadline!!!Please turn in your hours in as you complete them if you can to ease the office staff from receiving a bunch of forms on the deadline. You can also attach a screenshot of an email from your service agency verifying past service hours that you have completed prior to spring break to your service form in lieu of their signature (this will be one single pdf with two documents). Contact your faculty for information on how to submit service forms to them for your class grade as they may have different requirements for your service-learning class.

  • LDR 2002 Textbook: There are online versions of the LDR 2002 textbook available here:https://ebookcentral.proquest.com/lib/ucf/detail.action?docID=4717384

  • Can I do service during this break? Absolutely if you are able to. See below for a list of online options for service as well. You may also want to contact your regular service agency to see if you can serve remotely for them (ie-create social media campaigns, a volunteer handbook, a video showcasing the agency, etc.). Other ideas include:

    • Developing a plan to provide operational solutions for the organization

    • Providing virtual or phone-based educational support to youth and adults if students have appropriate training and preparation

    • Creating scripts for a podcast to raise awareness on an issue related to the mission of the organization

    • Developing a public communications plan surrounding coronavirus and prepare the documents for that plan to be implemented

    • Working with the organization to review and improve a specific policy

    • Translating the organization’s promotional and/or educational material into other languages to help community members who do not speak English

  • We are also lifting the requirement if your class requires all your hours to be at a single agency as you may not be able to continue with your regular agency during this time. Therefore you can do service at multiple sites that add up to 15 hours as a whole. Fifteen service hours will still be required, however please note that LEAD has extended this involvement deadline to May 8 for hours. Your agency will sign off on these hours as normal then you will upload these forms as you normally would on the LEAD portal. Some agencies that offer virtual service hours are listed below and the full list of service agencies we have in our DB may be viewed here: https://lsa.sdes.ucf.edu/lead/resources/


























Here is another portal I found that helps match volunteers with service opportunities: https://www.catchafire.org/howitworks/volunteers?fbclid=IwAR2fUeA3U8HOgPQFwrHkMJCbI2S7RSsmINkJfEs_iy-sxENJ21D_dIzHhu8

The Scholar Holler will be updated weekly to keep everyone informed on upcoming events and opportunities to get involved! 

Check out the online calendar, Slack, and the whiteboard in the LEAD Lounge for more information on the events going on this week. If you’re looking for more ways to be involved this semester, check the opportunities section of this website to learn about upcoming involvement! 


Be sure to sign up for slack through your knights e-mail, check the “other” section in your inbox for the email, and ask your professors if you have any questions.


P.S. 1st years make sure to join the LEAD Scholars 2023 Facebook Page to stay up to date on all LEAD and UCF events!