Volunteer Connection


Stay tuned for pond cleanup dates for this semester! In January, we will host one on the 29th at 11:30 am!



All LEAD Scholars must fill out the "Get Started" Link to volunteer with the organization. There is more information on where to find the link under the Pond 1-C section of this page.

Get Connected!

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Consider becoming a virtual tutor. Head to their website for additional information. 

How To Submit Hours for:

Pond 1-C

"Come and help clean up the LEAD Scholars Adopt-A-Pond for an hour of service! You will need to fill out a risk management waiver in order to participate in this service opportunity. Meet up in the Lake Claire Parking Lot"

Check every Monday for weekly opportunities on the @leaducf Instagram story!

Waiver Instructions:

  • Click on the link and go to the Compliance site 

  • Under Step One, click on the "This Link" hyperlink to start the waiver.

  • If you get stuck 

    • Building/Site: Select “Other” and type Lake Claire Pond 1-C, put none for “Other Location”, and leave “Room Number” empty. 

    • Supervisor: Amanda Lindsay; email is nature@ucf.edu; phone is 407-823-1696

    • “My Volunteer assignment is a” - pick either one time or reccuring, it is up to you 

    • Put 1 for amount of hours 

    • Description: Clean up the Lake Claire Pond 1-C as part of the adopt-a-pond program 

    • No minor participants, no access to lab or research stuff

  • Keep going until it says “all done” 


All volunteers must fill out the risk management form and show up in closed toed shoes (no Crocs) to be able to volunteer.